“Never be afraid to be proud of yourself. You are made of magic and you share dust and light with the stars that shine above you.

Laugh. Truly laugh. Let life and all of its folly steal the breath from your body and replace it with the staccato melody of giggles and guffaws; the laughter that comes without fair warning and continues without apology.

Never be afraid to follow your heart. Take all you have and risk it, truly risk it for where your crazy heart decides to take you. Do not ever think you, exactly you, are not capable of chasing your dreams and do not ever think that you, exactly you, are not worth being chased.

Be kind. Always. Give love freely and never wait for it to come back. If it breathes, grows or has even a single cell bouncing around inside it, love it, too.

Take care of yourself. It’s up to you to keep your heart beating and your lungs filling and your legs running long past when you should have found your way to shuffling off this mortal coil and starting fresh.”

-Tyler Knott